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Ask Hillary: Interview with Hillary Dragovan from the Shelbyville Office

Name:  Hillary Dragovan

Position: Legal Assistant

Time Period on Rincker Law’s Team: 2 months

Which Office:  Shelbyville

Where Reside:  Shelbyville

What do you love most about where you presently reside?  It’s a small town and tight knit community.  A great place to raise a family.

Prior employment before joining the Rincker Law team? I worked at SSI for 2 years and have had a few odd jobs here and there since becoming a stay at home mom in 2011.  I’ve been a cleaning lady, a beachbody coach, a babysitter, a bartender, and I currently offer spray tans in my hometown in addition to working at Rincker Law.

Hometown:  Shelbyville

Education: I have a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies with an option in Corporate Communication.

Why you like working in the legal community?  The cases can be very interesting and the law in itself is pretty fascinating.

What do you love most about working at Rincker Law? The people are extremely helpful and friendly.  The hours for me right now are perfect, and the overall environment is one that’s productive, professional, but still chill.

Family and/or Pets: I have 4 kids.  Two boys and two girls.  We also have a dog, Daisy, and a cat, Susie Q.

What do you like to do when you’re not at Rincker Law? Hang out with family, go out to eat, have movie nights

Favorite Hobby: Sounds weird, but rearranging the rooms in my house has actually become a hobby.

Favorite Color and 3 words that describe that color?     Black- relaxed, strong, misunderstood

If you can be any animal in the world, what would you be and why? A dog because they are loyal, most of them friendly, and they are just all around great animals.

Favorite place you have traveled and why? The Riviera Maya because it had beautiful beaches, excellent seafood, and a fun nightlife.

Favorite podcasts:  I don’t listen to podcasts often, but I do like “The Chalene Show”. I will also occasionally listen to Dr. Phil’s “Phil in the Blanks” podcast.

Favorite musicians:  Incubus, Finch, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite way to destress after a long day at Rincker Law:  Any time I want to truly destress, I take a really hot bubble bath and put on Pandora


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