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So You Wanna Be An Ag Lawyer?

Cari Rincker will have an “open mic” on the first Friday of the month from 2-3pm ET answering questions about how to become an agriculture attorney. Cari will address common concerns including:

• Applying/choosing a law school
• Learning about agriculture law
• Finding connections in the agriculture legal community
• Different agriculture law careers
• Building an agriculture law brand
• Involvement in professional organizations
• Finding mentors
• Networking with attorneys and non-attorneys
• Hanging an agriculture law shingle

There is no charge for this event. To RSVP, please email Cari at and put the date that you wish to participate in the email subject. You will receive instructions via email. Group Skype will be used to host the call and will be limited to 10 participants. Cari’s Skype username is cari.rincker.

Fridays with Cari

The neFriday-with-Carixt Fridays with Cari webinar series is coming soon. Feel free to email Cari if you have an idea for a webinar that you would like to participate in.

Participation in a webinar will be strictly confidential and your identification will never be disclosed to the other participants on the webinar or third parties. However, participating in a webinar with Rincker Law, PLLC does not create an attorney-client relationship. The webinars are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Participants are encouraged to speak to an attorney licensed in their jurisdiction to receive legal advice tailored to their individual circumstances.