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Divorce and Separation

Cari and her team not only pride themselves in customer service but we are also passionate at Rincker Law, PLLC for protecting the interests of our clients and the family as they transition to the next stage. Although we understand the inherent stress that our clients are experiencing through this time of change, we hope to offer a calm, educated voice in the middle of the storm.

Rincker Law takes pride in keeping clients informed every step of the way and educating our clients on the processes.  We look at the “big picture” helping families make this transition more smoothly and work as teammates with our clients to help determine the best path, whether it is litigation, negotiation or an Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) approach with mediation.

Cari and her team take pride in being problem solvers.  Stylistically, we are not aggressive “bull dog” attorneys at Rincker Law, PLLC — instead, we zealously fight for your rights in a productive way that protects your interest without needlessly increasing your bill or causing increased acrimony in your family, especially when children are involved.

High Net Worth Divorces

Rincker Law, PLLC is equipped to handle high net worth divorces with complex financial issues.  Cari has a team of associate attorneys and administrative staff to provide the bandwidth and resources for these types of cases.

We address the myriad of issues that arise in high net worth divorces, including, but not limited to:

  • Retirement assets (pensions, 401(k)s, IRAs)
  • Real estate holdings
  • Valuation and division of business assets
  • International assets
  • Corporate assets and entities
  • Preparation of statements of net worth
  • Forensic Accounting / Lifestyle analysis

Farm & Ranch Disputes

Cari grew up in production agriculture in Central Illinois and has advanced degrees in animal science. Not only does Cari have a firm grasp on family and matrimonial law but she too is a nationally renown agriculture attorney.  When you marry these skills, Cari and her team are able to use this unique combination to better serve the food and agriculture community as their family lives transition with a divorce or separation. Cari too does farm estate and succession planning and takes a creative problem solving approach to these unique disputes.

Divorces Involving Business Interests

Besides divorces involving farm and ranch disputes, Cari and her team are also equipped to handle divorces involving other types of business interests.  As an entrepreneur herself, Cari understands businesses and corporate structures and if appropriate, will work with forensic accountants and business experts to help determine fair evaluation of any business interest subject to equitable distribution.

Low Income Families

It is important to Rincker Law, PLLC to serve families at every socioeconomic level, including low income families.  We do not take on any pro bono divorces but depending on resources and caseload, Rincker Law, PLLC will take on select cases on a sliding scale basis.  Interested candidates must apply noting the need and financial status.

Same Sex Families

Cari and her team enjoy serving a diverse community, including same-sex divorces and separations.  Rincker Law, PLLC is proud to be known in the community to be “LGBTQ Friendly” and is particularly sensitive to the issues that affect same sex relationships.

Language Resources

Rincker Law, PLLC has employees and independent contractors with foreign language proficiencies and has experiences working with translators on an as needed basis to offer the necessary resources to ensure that clients understand the process and their interests are best protected.