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Domestic Violence, Orders of Protection, and No Contact Orders

Cari and her team aggressively advocate for victims of domestic violence so they feel empowered and protected through the process. Rincker Law, PLLC also zealously defends against frivolous petitions for an Order of Protection or No Contact Order requiring the petitioner to prove his or her case.

Although it is improper to use mediation in these types of disputes, we still aim to globally resolve disputes instead of putting band aids on problems. For example, if there is an order of protection in a family involving children, then Rincker Law, PLLC will also work towards a global solution regarding access, parenting time and communication between the parents, including potentially using a coparenting application (e.g., Our Family Wizard, Talking Parents).

Education and communication is important to Rincker Law, PLLC and we aim to be responsive to clients and keep them updated along the way. We have a team of attorneys ready to serve you through your domestic violence dispute. We too proudly offer referrals to other professionals that may provide assistance to clients on an as needed basis such as psychotherapists and support groups.

Low Income Individuals

It is important to Rincker Law, PLLC to serve families at every socioeconomic level, including low income families. We do not take on any pro bono divorces but depending on resources and caseload, Rincker Law, PLLC will take on select cases on a sliding scale basis. Interested candidates must apply noting the need and financial status.

Same Sex Relationships

Cari and her team enjoy serving a diverse community, including same-sex families. Rincker Law, PLLC is proud to be known in the community to be “LGBTQ Friendly” and is particularly sensitive to the issues that affect same sex relationships.

Language Resources

Rincker Law, PLLC has employees and independent contractors with foreign language proficiencies and has experiences working with translators on an as needed basis to offer the necessary resources to ensure that clients understand the process and their interests are best protected.