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Follow My Tweets from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Convention

I took this photo on the Rincker Ranch several years ago. I love black baldy cows! (and cowboys...)

I made it safe and sound to Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee, for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) Annual Convention and Trade Show.  I will be at Cattlemen’s College today and this tweet-up this evening with these awesome ag tweeps.  Tomorrow afternoon and evening I will be at the Young Producer’s Council (“YPC”) (@YPCBeef)  meeting and reception.  I’m also on various NCBA Committees including the Agriculture Policy Committee, Tax & Credit Committee, and Property Rights and Environmental Management (“PREM”) Committee.

Throughout the week, you can follow my convention tweets from both @CariRincker and @RinckerLaw with the #NCBA12 and/or #CIC12 hashtag (Why are there two hashtags to follow?  Good question).

If you are at NCBA Convention, please come find me.  If you aren’t, you can follow the fun via Twitter.  I have always found reading tweets from agriculture conferences educational so I encourage you follow along.

As a final note, I will be tweeting on my iPad that I won last year at NCBA Convention from Pfizer (thanks again!).

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