Where it All Began

Rincker Law, PLLC started with a girl and a dream. After working for a law firm in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Cari decided to take the plunge and start her own law practice in New York City, where she went to law school. At the infancy of Rincker Law, it aimed to serve different segments of the food and agriculture industry. Cari knew that she wanted practice agriculture law in the most densely populated city in the country then she needed to pave her own path and do it on her own.

A Passion for Family Law

Rincker Law has always been spurred on by inspiration. Cari started Rincker Law in 2009 in a small studio apartment on the Upper East Side. In order to fund her dream, she did contract attorney work in New York for 1.5 years until her law practice was self-sustaining.

During the infancy of Rincker Law, PLLC, she had the courage to take on different types of cases, including her first divorce.   She found a great mentor who guided her though her first divorce. And then her second. And third. And before she knew it, Cari had developed a love and appreciation for helping people through life’s transitions with divorce and separation. There is a saying with lawyers that they don’t find their practice- their practice finds them. This is how Cari views her concentration with family law.


Going Solo

Cari was a true solo for about four years. Around this time period, Rincker Law, PLLC moved to a brick and mortar office in Midtown near Grand Central Station and Bryant Park. This new office space provided Cari the routine and energy that she needed to help build this practice brick by brick. Rincker Law, PLLC still maintains this office today.

Around this same time, Cari co-authored her first book Field Manual: Guide for New York Farmers and Food Entrepreneurs. Two years later, she organized a book effort with over 30 authors, taking on different chapters on family law issues. In about 4 months, she was able to release Onward and Upward: Guide to New York Divorce and Family Law Issues.

Networking has played a big role in the growth of Rincker Law and Cari’s philosophy in business. Cari was active in Manhattan BNI and believes strongly in the importance of relationships with people. Even today, it is important to Rincker Law, PLLC to be a resource to our clients and our community with the ability to provide quality referrals.

Food & Agriculture Law

Cari’s focus in food and agriculture law practice in New York City is truly what made her memorable. Cari had a tremendous amount of pride that albeit unusual to some, she truly painted her own path in life. She has spoken publicly about the importance for people to “think outside the box” when it comes to their career and life.

Rincker Law, PLLC’s food and agriculture law side of the practice is, and has always been, more national. When some were curious how one could practice agriculture law in New York City, Cari would explain that “most of the practice of law is done with a computer screen and telephone so it doesn’t matter if you are in Paris, France or Paris, Illinois.” This sediment rings even more true now in the aftermath of COVID-19 when we can all be connected by a Zoom call, without geographic limitations. Rincker Law, PLLC continues to have a national presence in the food and agriculture law space.

Connected to Community

On the flip side, Rincker Law, PLLC family law side has always been very local. During the era when Cari Rincker lived in New York City, about 95% of the cases were in the Boroughs of New York, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn with the remaining 5% in New Jersey, Upstate New York, Long Island and Connecticut. Cari has found that proximity to people and the courthouse is important with family law litigation. Rincker Law, PLLC present family law practice is also locally concentrated in East Central Illinois.

After seven years with Rincker Law, PLLC headquartered in New York City and a decade of living in Manhattan, Cari decided to take a leap of faith and move closer to her family. Cari Rincker grew up on a farm in Shelbyville, Illinois. As a graduate of the University of Illinois, Cari opted to hang her Illinois shingle in Champaign, Illinois, which is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from her home. Rincker Law, PLLC officially launched in Illinois in January 2017 at the M2 Building in Downtown Champaign.


A Resource for Her Community

This move was unquestionably the biggest challenge for founder Cari Rincker. She was learning to practice in a new state, new legal culture, and under a new statutory framework. However, using her New York hustle and farm girl grit, she helped Rincker Law pivot and bloom in a new community. With this added traction, Rincker Law, PLLC started a law office in Cari Rincker’s hometown of Shelbyville.

After celebrating its Year 10 anniversary, Cari authored her third book with the assistance of the National Agriculture Law Center titled Family Law Issues in Agriculture. She started a podcast with Purdue University Extension Education titled “Ag Law Today.” Although Cari speaks and writes less than what she did in the early years of Rincker Law, PLLC, Cari is still invited to present on a myriad of food/agriculture law issues. Rincker Law, PLLC still manages its award-winning Food, Farm and Family law blog. Being a resource to the community is still of paramount importance to the firm.

Rincker Law Today

Today, Rincker Law, PLLC is headquartered in Champaign offices with the two satellite offices in both Shelbyville and New York City. It is Cari’s vision to continue growth in the area of Food, Farm and Family. Rincker Law, PLLC is developing a Rincker Transitions arm to help with pro se assistance and virtual/online mediation for those experiencing family law disputes to better provide access to justice. We also aim to provide a better client experience through a Client Portal.

Processes and efficiency are important to Rincker Law, PLLC to help us reduce costs and better serve more people.

We take pride in offering excellent, detailed-oriented service. We are reminded that we are in the service business and customer service is critical to us.
We think about the “mint on the pillow” to help make clients feel taken care of while we help them navigate life’s challenges. As a farm girl herself growing up baling hay, Cari Rincker has infused hard work into the fabric of our DNA where no job is too small for anyone on the team and each person does what they can to help one another “carry the buckets.” Intellectual curiosity, professional development and education are important to us as we all try to “be better” each day. We learn from our mistakes and we celebrate the success of others.
But most of all, we take pride in helping our clients and others with this messy thing called life.