Commercial Mediation

Cari makes no secret of her love for mediation, especially with business disputes involving family, friends or long-term business colleagues. Not only is Cari a business attorney herself with years of commercial litigation experience but she is also an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois, School of Law teaching mediation. Let Cari or another mediator on her team get in the middle of your commercial dispute.

How it Works

As a general rule, mediation sessions with Cari are booked for 2 hours but more complex cases can be books for a half a day or full day, if needed. Participants are encouraged to have their own consulting attorney and by agreement those lawyers can participate in the mediation. The parties pay also choose to involve experts such as accountants, business valuators, etc. upon mutual agreement.

Litigation is not the only option when it comes to business disputes. To explore all your options, please contact Rincker Law today to book a consultation to see if mediation is right for you. Cari or another mediator on her team will discuss all the options to you.