Food & Agriculture Mediation

Cari and other mediators on her team are able to assist farmers, ranchers, agribusiness and food entrepreneurs with their disputes through mediation. Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where a neutral third-party helps facilitate a conversation among parties in a dispute. The below are examples of types of food and agriculture mediation:

Contract Disputes

Including various specialized food and agriculture contracts or employment contacts

Right to Farm Disputes

Including nuisance or other similar disputes involving neighbors or nearby landowners

Federal Farm Program Disputes

Including those run by the USDA Farm Service Agency

Fence Disputes

Including those involving both livestock and companion animals

Property Disputes

Including easement, property line, adverse possession, and commercial real estate purchases

Lease Disputes

Including farm leases, grazing leases, breeding leases, show livestock leases, farm equipment leases and commercial leases

Employment Disputes

Including those between an employer and employee or independent contractor or among two employees/ independent contractors