Food & Agricultural Contracts

It is no secret… Cari loooooves contracts. She is passionate that those in agriculture need to put a stop to the “handshake culture” and put those agreements in writing. As a farm girl herself, she understands the complexities of agriculture contact issues.

Contract Services

Here are just a few of the myriad example of food and agriculture contracts that Rincker Law, PLLC can assist you with:

  • Farm leases
  • Grazing leases
  • Hunting leases
  • Embryo Transfer contracts (or Recipient Agreements)
  • Nondisclosure Agreements (or Confidentiality Agreements)
  • Terms of Service
  • Purchase or sale agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Employment or independent contract agreements
  • Livestock Photography agreements
  • General Releases