Food & Agricultural Contracts

It is no secret… Cari loooooves contracts. She is passionate that those in agriculture need to put a stop to the “handshake culture” and put those agreements in writing. As a farm girl herself, she understands the complexities of agriculture contact issues.

Contract Services

Here are just a few of the myriad example of food and agriculture contracts that Rincker Law, PLLC can assist you with:

Farm Leases

Including Cash Rent, Crop Share, and Hybrid farm leases including livestock share, grazing leases and farm equipment leases

Breeding Leases

Including bull leases, buck leases, boar leases, ram leases, and stallion leases

Feeding Agreements

Including for stocker cattle and feedyard cattle

Website Compliance

Including Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, and Copyright licenses

Embryo Transfer Contracts

Including for both the Breeder and Recipient Cow Owner

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Including for real property, livestock, farming enterprises, and farm equipment

Buy-Sell Agreements

Including for agriculture and food business enterprises with both multi-generational family operations and those with third parties

Debt Collection

Including for both design marks (logos) and word marks

Livestock Business Agreements

We serve multiple aspects of the livestock industry ranging from breeders, feedyards, photographers, event planners, and software companies

Liability Waivers

Including for agritainment/ agri-tourism, producers, agri-business owners, food entrepreneurs and horse owners

Business Dissolution Agreements

Including for both food entrepreneurs and agribusinesses

Equine Agreements

Including agreements, horseback riding lessons, stallion leases, and embryo transfer agreements

Employment Contracts

Including for both independent contractors and employees

Renewable Energy Agreements

Including wind and solar leases