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Rincker Law assisted me with my LLC formation and business formalities. Cari and her team turned a confusing and daunting task into a simple, reassuring process. The results and deliverables were exactly what I was needing to help my business get off to a strong start!
- Anonymous
I am so thankful to have had Cari's team in my corner. From beginning to end, every single issue/matter was addressed promptly. There were times of uncertainty throughout my case, but I remained confident during the entire process because I knew their team was just an email or a phone call away. If I could give 10 stars, I would. If needed, I can guarantee that I'd hire them again the future. Thank you all so much. You're all very much appreciated.
- Anonymous
I hired Cari and her team to draft a standard prenuptial agreement. She was very responsive, took time to walk me through and clearly explain the agreement line by line. Any changes to the standard template were clearly explained and I felt in control the entire time. Even when there was a slight hiccup with the signing of papers (nothing serious, parties missed pages), her team was quick to resolve the issue. Overall, great experience!
- Anonymous
I am a professional photographer and Cari helped me with a copyright infringement issue. She researched current statutes and thoroughly informed me what options were available to me and her suggestion for how to proceed. She issued a C&D to my client and a settlement offer for me to recoup my lost fees and attorney's fees. The other party pushed back several times and she guided me through each step as something new popped up. In the end, the other party settled and I got from it what I told Cari was my goal. She was quick to reply to all correspondence and was good about keeping me in the loop (briefly) so that I wasn't inundated with information I didn't need and didn't unnecessarily run up time. My husband and I are about to sell our home and will be using Cari to help us navigate that adventure as well! She is who I refer to now when I use the phrase "I need to call MY attorney!"
- Emily
Cari was great. I made it clear that I wanted to expedite the process and keep the costs down, and she did just that. I’m grateful.
- Fred
I was referred to Cari Rincker (through a friend) as an attorney to draw up a prenuptial agreement. Cari is very thorough, direct, honest and easy to work with, including her associates and admins. I will hire her again for any family law needs.
I contacted Rincker Law during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cari got back to me right away. We were able to video chat and complete our business faster than I thought. Cari and her team are both courteous and efficient. Would definitely use them again and will recommend them to all I know!
-Catherine H.
Cari was fantastic. I was referred to her office from an out-of-state contact and I do not regret a single element of my choice to work with Rincker Law. I went in for a very simple estate planning session. She was receptive to all of my questions and was willing to patiently explain during moments of confusion. Given that visits to a law office can be stressful, it is crucial to find a professional that makes this process as seamless, enjoyable, & useful as possible. Cari is that professional.
Cari was great. I made it clear that I wanted to expedite the process and keep the costs down, and she did just that. I’m grateful.
- Fred
I recently got married, and I hired Cari to help with our prenup agreement. From initial conversations to the signing date, she was professional but personable. We had a tight turnaround time (less than a month) and Cari delivered seamlessly! She was easy to communicate with whether it was through email or phone calls. It was a pleasure working with Cari, and I would definitely work with her again in the future.
I was named the Executor of my mother’s estate. My mother died in Illinois and I live in Arizona. I researched lawyers near where my mother lived and found Cari Rincker. She was able to get everything signed electronically and done through email so that I didn’t have to fly back to Illinois. Cari was great at responding to questions and if she was not available she had a great staff to take care of anything I needed. I will definitely refer friends and family to Cari.w!
Cari made it easy for my wife and I to complete a prenuptial agreement. What can be sometimes an uncomfortable experience going into a new marriage, Cari was very professional and provided great assistance and made the process seemless.
I have known Cari Rincker for numerous years, and have referred several of my real estate clients to her (an unfortunate domino effect of divorce). Cari is first and foremost a professional, and always looking for an amicable resolution for her clients. I’ve seen her step into a client situation to finally resolve the divorce proceedings when several attorneys couldn’t, and I’ve seen her in the beginning, working out a pre-nuptial agreement. Cari has a dedicated full staff, and her main office is located in the heart of downtown Champaign. I would highly recommend Cari Rincker for your legal needs.
- Ron
It’s always scary trying to find a lawyer, you never know if you’re going to find a good one or a bad one, one who just wants your retainer or one who just wants to charge you every second of every minute…..thank god I found Cari Rincker and all my fears were settled and gone. She was amazing from the very first day to the very last day until my divorce was finalized. Cari protected my rights, got me everything I wanted and even found flaws in the opposing lawyer. Access to Cari was 24/7, whether through email or text or call. So there was no fear of being alone in any situation at any time. My divorce was finalized, my kids are happy and believe it or not, my now ex wife is cordial, still crazy but cordial because everything is written in stone by the law and the judge thanks to Cari.
I needed a lawyer to create a non-profit. Because I knew Cari previously, I asked for recommendations–she offered me other attorneys and a typical price range for the work. After contacting attorneys, I decided to ask Cari to do the work instead. Cari wound up coming in under budget and on time. She and her staff were in contact with me regularly through the process and answered my questions as they came up. It is the first time in my life I’ve had an interaction with a lawyer that didn’t leave me wanting to vomit. I’m glad there are actually good lawyers out there like Cari.
After my wife gave my dogs away without my permission my family Attorney Bruno Gioffre had researched Cari Rincker to help us prepare our case against this women who I would not return the dogs to me. After several months of waiting we finally had our day in court and the dogs have been returned to me. Thank you Cari for all of your hard work and great knowledge of how to navigate and facilitate Pet Replevin cases.
Cari is a good friend of mine with a heart of gold! She has an amazing Law firm that goes out the way for so many people. They truly care about their clients, and Cari works extremely hard to make each person happy. If somehow they fall short which every company does I know that she will make it right. I would recommend Rincker Law to absolutely anyone!
- Rich
I highly recommend Cari Rincker Law. Cari mediated my divorce and I was very pleased with her skill as a mediator. She walked us through the pieces that we needed to discuss during mediation as well as the divorce process itself. Cari has the added benefit of being able to file all of the necessary divorce paperwork as well as provide representation in court. Because our divorce was very straightforward and we were willing to work with each other, what would have cost us much more with a mediator and 2 lawyers, we were able to accomplish with Cari’s services alone.
- Kristen
Cari Rincker is superb. It’s not surprising that such an amazing and thoughtful person would provide outstanding service to her clients and be a caring and helpful member of the local legal community. She’s a delight to know, and her firm reflects that.
Cari always goes above and beyond. She is very involved in the community and always looking for new connections so she can be resource for her clients in many different areas. I would definitely recommend Cari to friends and family!
- Ellen
Rincker Law is an exceptional law practice! Cari does outstanding work on divorce cases, mediator, agriculture and farm law.
- Chris
Friendly, professional, clear, coherent, concise. She made requirements clear at each step, shared how to avoid unnecessary expense etc. On the whole, made a challenging scenario as easy as it could be. My ex & I both immediately felt comfortable with her mediating (which you will save a bundle going this way). On court day, when compared to the other lawyers handling cases that day, Cari had her stuff together, and clearly works in the top tier of family law, she is highly recommended.
- Anon
Cari made it easy for my wife and I to complete a prenuptial agreement. What can be sometimes an uncomfortable experience going into a new marriage, Cari was very professional and provided great assistance and made the process seemless.
- Anon
Cari and Team are among the most caring and professional attorney’s that I have ever dealt with. Very responsive, listening to the heart of the matter and caring enough to take care of their clients. When you want to deal with people whom aren’t just passing paperwork; call Cari
- Tim
Cari and her associate worked with me to draft a raw footage release form for my business. We were working under a tight time line and her team was very thorough and professional throughout the process. They asked me many questions to ascertain the situation and requested a copy of my initial contract with the client for review. I was really impressed with how comprehensive their approach was. Cari and her associate worked with me to develop a document that represented exactly what I needed to agree upon with my client and more. The team was very knowledgeable and professional, I definitely felt well-represented and well taken care of.
- Anon
Cari and her firm were fantastic to work with. We sketched out a brief outline of what we wanted for a will, and the turnaround time was exceptional. The team was great in answering questions and making sure we had everything that was needed. The same was true of doing some probate work after my wife had passed. The entire team was professional and responsive at all times. I highly recommend Cari and her team!
- Anon
Cari is professional, courteous, and super helpful in navigating what can be a complicated and potentially tense experience of reviewing a pre-nup agreement. She was able to translate everything into simple terms for me to understand and ensured we were getting exactly what we wanted in the document. I will %110 recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer around all things marriage and will most certainly use her again should my wife and I have any post-nup changes we want to make.
- Anon
We had a great experience with Cari! We needed a quick turnaround on getting our family paperwork complete that included wills, power of attorney, and power of health. She made the process effortless and ensured we had everything that was important to us covered.
- Kristen
I hired Cari as my lawyer for a complicated divorce, I live here and my ex in Brazil; Cari did an amazing job, she was thorough and fast and anytime I called or e-mailed she got right back to me. It was a pleasure working with her, I couldn’t recommend her more.
- Afonso
Cari was friendly yet professional, clear, coherent and concise. She made it clear at each step what was required, how to avoid unnecessary expense by doing things between sessions and the like. On the whole, she made a challenging scenario as easy as it could be. Since I don’t have a lot experience with lawyers, it was hard to know how she rated, but my ex & I both immediately felt comfortable with her mediating. On court day, when compared to the other lawyers handling cases that day, Cari clearly had her stuff together, and works in the top tier of family law, she is highly recommended.
- Jeremy
Cari helped me so much with trademark law for my small business. I had no idea where to begin and what needed to be trademarked and she helped explain everything thoroughly and clearly and was very easy to communicate with. She is always accessible by email.
- Marnie
I recently needed to get my Pre-nup looked over by a lawyer. I initially was working with a lawyer that I got from the NYC index, He charged me the same as Cari did and was of no help. I lost my patience with him because I felt he was charging me without doing any real work or help and my deadline was approaching. I went on Avvo and found Cari. Because of previous reviews I decided to get counsel from her. She was quick to respond and gave me real help. I felt like she was taking care of me as she walked me through the document told me what changes she would make. She did not waste my time or money. I would 100% use her again.
- Veronica
I hired Cari in a hurry! I needed a last minute pre-nup and she really stepped up and took care of everything. She managed to still explain everything to me, recommended an attorney for my partner, and made herself available at all times even from the airport!! I was expecting a pre-nup attorney to be pessimistic but she was such a joy to work with and immediately put us at ease!! highly recommended!!!
- Anon
After discovering unauthorized use of our farm logo on social media by an out-of-state individual with the same farm name as ours. Cari was highly recommended within the cattle industry as to whom I should contact for legal advice & hire. She resolved the logo infringement and also gave great advice on how to protect our farm logo moving forward in advertising, our website, and social media. She’s absolutely wonderful to work with! I highly would recommend her to anyone seeking Agriculture legal advice.
- Anon
I needed a good divorce lawyer to help me with my divorce and after meeting Cari the first time, I already felt like I had a true advocate who really cared about me and getting me out of my awful situation. She was always available to meet with me or take my calls, and answered my emails promptly whenever I had questions. At times Cari was more on top of my divorce than I was, asking me where I was in the process of getting things finalized or signed! Cari is a truly lovely person who gave me professional, realistic, and dependable advice that I could really count on.
- Tonnie
Friend of a friend recommended Cari as one of the best divorce lawyers in NYC. I hired Cari and I could not have been more happy with the way she performed her duties. She was confident, dedicated and whats most important she was honest. She helped me to come to terms and finalize my divorce in a very short period of time.
- Victor
Finding a lawyer to rep me for a pre-nup agreement, I went through about five options before hiring Cari. She was responsive and optimistic, and right away understood my particular situation (basically: not NYC millionaires, low on personal baggage, but still getting a prenup) better than anyone else I spoke with. No negative energy, no wasted time. Great experience overall.
- Anon
Cari was well informed and very helpful in answering any of my questions and concerns. The process went smoothly and I would definitely recommend Cari’s services.
- Christine
Kudos to Cari for her authorship, compilation and editing of Onward and Upward: Guide for Getting Through New York Divorce and Family Law Issues. Onward and Upward is designed to answer all of your questions in a language you can understand, take you through the entire process – including rebuilding your life, and do so in a manner that is most beneficial for you.
- Bonnie
I initially met with Cari to discuss how to proceed with a premarital contract. Not only did she efficiently explain the process but she provided me with an outline of exactly what me and my partner would want to address. She reviewed my personal situation in an unbias manner but also made me feel like I had a strong representation for any legal proceedings to follow. There are so many things a person who is not actively involved in law can forget to think about prior to marriage and with a well-educated, experienced and thorough laywer such as Cari, I felt I was well-prepared to move forward with my partner (unrushed) and we were both happy with the result.
- Yvonne
Having never met Cari, but a friend of a relative, we needed [agriculture law] advice and professional assistance on a contract. I was confident of her knowledge of the type of business we are in, and after first draft of offered contract to us, I knew that Ms. Rincker was working for us and provided the needed documents that worked on our behalf and we were able to negotiate a contract that was for the benefit for our Company. I was very pleased with her knowledge, professionalism and end product.
- JW
I walked into Cari’s office filled with trepidation about divorce and planning a life after divorce. Cari was very friendly and welcoming. She eased my concerns by explaining options such as mediation, separation agreement and divorce. After reviewing my options, I was confident Cari was the right attorney to have in my corner. She was detailed and supportive throughout a seamless divorce process, staying on top and ahead of the adversarial attorney and filing procedures; ensuring our demands were met and a judgment secured in my favor. I highly recommend Cari’s services!
- Anon
I hired Cari to help me draft and execute a prenup agreement. She is so good about simplifying legal jargon and we got it all done in record time! Her team is prompt with their responses and great at assisting with whatever you need. Most importantly, I felt safe and taken care of by Cari. I highly recommend her!
- Nadia
It was great working with Cari. She was very responsive to all my questions, e-mails, requested changes, etc. Cari got back to me usually within 24 hours. Her responses were detailed and clear and when changes were requested, the updated documents were turned around in day or 2. Cari is very organized and kept the project moving along. We completed the will, living will, health care proxy, and POA quickly. I would definitely recommend Cari.
- Theresa

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