Food Labeling Compliance

Cari and her team are equipped to help farmers and food entrepreneurs with food labeling compliance and marketing claims. We can provide guidance on terms used on the label such as "grassfed" or "natural." We also provide guidance on popular allergens such as peanuts. Here are some other examples of where we can help:

USDA Marketing Claims

Including both livestock and meat production and marketing claims

USDA National Organic Program

Including for livestock/meat, dairy, grain, vegetables, and grapes/wine.

Third Party Verification Programs

Including a myriad of privately run third-party verification labels for livestock, fish, honey, grain, vegetables and wine

FDA Labels

Including reviewing and helping ensure compliance with federal food regulations

Menu Compliance

We help restaurants and food trucks ensure they are complaining with state and federal regulations with its menus

Website / Advertising Compliance

The term "food labeling" also includes websites and other advertising materials. We help food entrepreneurs with this space.