Business Formations

Let Rincker Law, PLLC help you navigate a choices of business entities. As an entrepreneur herself, Cari is passionate about helping fellow business owners through each stage of their business, but especially the start-up phase. Cari and her team are able to help individuals and entities with the following types of business entities:

Sole Proprietorships

Including creating businesses who are "doing business as" an assumed name


Including both limited and general partnerships

Limited Liability Companies

Including single member, multi-member LLC's or series LLC's


Including those taxed as a S corporation or those taxed as a C corporation

Not-for-Profit Corporations

Including filing for 501(c)3, c(4), c(5) or c(6) status with the Internal Revenue Service
Cari and her team can also help manage multiple business entities for clients. At Rincker Law, PLLC, we have several packages available to client which include us acting as an agent for service of process and assisting with annual meetings. We love helping clients maintain corporate formalities.

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How An LLC Works