Farm and Ranch Divorces

As a farm girl herself, Cari Rincker understands multi-generational farm and ranch businesses and their intrinsic complications. Like other family businesses, farm and ranch families have their own unique dynamics that can affect farm and ranch divorces. Cari and her team also understands the complexities with agriculture production enterprises involving both crop & vegetable production and livestock. She too grew up showing cattle in 4-H and FFA and understands the value that agriculture organizations have on our young people as future leaders in this great industry.

Cari is available to represent parties at an attorney or act as a mediator to help resolve issues in whole or part. If you are interested in exploring these options, please reach out and schedule a consultation.

Traveling Farm and Ranch Divorce Mediation

Cari is a nationally recognized agriculture attorney and mediator. She is licensed in several jurisdictions and is available to travel nationally to serve as a mediator for farm and ranch divorces. These mediations require additional coordination and planning as several sessions over a course of a week may be scheduled with parties submitting paperwork and financial information to Cari and Rincker Law prior to the mediation week.

Virtual Farm and Ranch Mediation

Cari is a skilled mediator using online platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and other video conferencing technology. A benefit of virtual or online mediation is that parties can participate in a way that is convenient to them while having information about the farm or ranch finances or other information at their fingertips. It too allows Cari and her team to serve farm and ranch families from coast to coast, breaking through geographic limitations that may otherwise be in place.

Family Law Issues in Agriculture

Cari is a recognized speaker and writer on a myriad of family law matters affecting the family farm. She understands that Divorce is one of the Big D's that can affect multi-generational agriculture operations along with Death and Destruction.  She authored a FactSheet series on family law issues affecting agriculture for the National Agriculture Law Center on family law issues in agriculture that are also available on the website for U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Downloadable versions of the fact sheets are available here.  Cari went on to draft a book on this topic available on Amazon here.