Family and Matrimonial Law

With a deep love of families, Cari’s family and matrimonial law practice focuses helping clients through their family issue, divorce or separation. Cari believes that strong families make strong communities. Cari’s philosophy when representing family and matrimonial clients is to work with the client as a teammate.

A Passion for Family Law

Cari is both a lawyer and mediator and enjoys working through the various options available to clients including:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative Law
  • Early Neutral Evaluation, and
  • Litigation

Rincker Law, PLLC works with the client to help ascertain the most productive path to resolve the dispute.


Onward & Upward

Cari has built a solid reputation as a family and matrimonial lawyer. She was the editor and organizer of the book “Onward and Upward: Guide for Getting Through New York Family Law and Divorce Issues”, available on AmazonKindle and iBooks. She was selected to be on the Association of the Bar for the City of New York’s matrimonial law committee.

What We Do

Cari and her team is available to help with the following types of family and matrimonial law issues:

Uncontested Divorces

We love helping folks navigate divorce and separation outside of the courtroom through negotiation. It’s our jam. The term “uncontested” does not mean that you are in 100% agreement with your spouse but simply that a judge is not needed in order to reach a final resolution.

Contested Divorces

Cari and her team do a limited number of contested divorces, where court may be required to reach a final resolution. We have experience with high net worth divorces and families with business assets, including farms.

Pro Se Assistance

Want to have a do-it-yourself divorce but have a few legal questions or want a lawyer to look over your shoulder? Rincker Law, PLLC can assist pro se litigants navigate the divorce process.

Separation Agreements

Not ready for the Big D but interested in a legal separation? Rincker Law can help you navigate the process and can draft a separation agreement.


We have experiencing helping folks with annulments of their marriage as opposed to obtaining a divorce.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (or Custody and Visitation)

We love helping families navigate the area concerning children, including the primary residence of the children (if applicable) and developing a workable parenting time schedule for the family. We help parents consider basic visitation, holiday schedules, school breaks, summer vacation and other ancillary issues concerning access and parenting time.

Child Support

Rincker Law can assist parents regarding child support and child “add-on” expenses such as health insurance, unreimbursed medical expenses, educational expenses, extra-curricular activities, child care expenses (including camps), transportation expenses, and post-secondary expenses (i.e., college).

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

Both in and outside the divorce context, Rincker Law PLLC can assist folks with spousal maintenance issues on a temporary, durational or permanent basis, including any enforcement or termination issues.

Relocation Issues Concerning Children

Relocation or removal cases can sometimes be particularly emotional. Rincker Law is equipped to help families navigate this process.

Parental Alienation/Interference

We have experience with parental interference and alienation case ranging from mild to severe. Let us help you navigate this process for the betterment of your children and family.

Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage is not for everyone. Rincker Law, PLLC can help you draft a cohabitation agreement and consider issues relevant to your relationship such a co-ownership of property, including pets.

Nuptial Agreements

Cari is passionate about prenuptial agreements and believes it is akin to an insurance policy for a marriage. We have experience with both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements at a wide range of income and asset levels. Cari can help either engaged or married parties navigate the complexities of these agreements.

Orders of Protection

Rincker Law, PLLC can help both Petitioners and Respondents in issues involving family offenses/ domestic violence. Cari and her team can assist in the initial petitions but can also assist with applications involving extensions of Orders of Protection.


Rincker Law, PLLC wants to assist you wherever your marriage is. For some, that may be reconciling after a separation.

Paternity Disputes

Cari and her team are ready to help parents navigate the legal process concerning paternity.

Pet Custody and Visitation

Depending on your state of residence, different legal standards apply concerning pet ownership with married or unmarried couples going through a divorce or separation. As a pet owner herself, Cari and her team are ready to hel you navigate this process.


Rincker Law, PLLC can assist with guardianships involving a minor child or alleged disabled person. We also have experience with guardians involving estates. Cari and her teams assists with uncontested guardianships and a limited number of contested guardianships.


Rincker Law, PLLC is prepared to help families with uncontested adoptions.

Termination of Parental Rights

We have experience helping parents with the termination of their parental rights, whether they agree with the termination or wish to defend against it.

Fertility and
Assisted Reproductive Law

Rincker Law, PLLC can assist folks with agreements concerning frozen embryos, oocytes or sperm. These agreements can take place in several contexts – not only with divorce and separation but also with people who are donating their frozen genetics to another person. This area of the law is of unique interest to Cari on both a personal and professional level, especially with her masters in animal science.

Grandparent Visitation

We help grandparents navigate the process for those seeking to have visitation with their grandchildren.

Trained Mediator

Cari is also a trained mediator for divorces and child custody disputes. Cari conducts prefers in-person mediation on family and matrimonial law issues but is also available on “virtual mediation” via telephone or Skype. She is qualified and trained to work a third party neutral to help the parties work towards a resolution with almost any family law issue. If there is an order of protection in place or allegations of domestic violence, mediation is still possible on a case-by-case basis with the use of shuttled diplomacy or telephonic communication with one party at a time.