Agriculture Leases

Cari and the Rincker Law crew are ready to help farmers and ranchers are a myriad of leases including but not limited to:

Farm Leases

Including cash rent, crop share or hybrid leases for both annual and perennial crops

Breeding Leases

Including bull leases, ram leases, buck leases, stallion, and boar leases

Grazing Leases

Including cattle, sheep, goats and other ruminants

Hunting Leases

Including both hunting and recreational leases

Farm Equipment Leases

Including farm machinery, vehicles and trailers

Commercial Real Estate Leases

Including grain bins, farm machinery storage, barns or other commercial real estate

Residential Real Estate Leases

Including farmsteads or investment properties

Wind Leases

Including both reviewing and negotiating of long-term wind energy agreements

Solar Leases

Including both reviewing and negotiating solar energy agreements