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Food & Agriculture Law

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Cari is a nationally renown food and agriculture lawyer.  With a transactional practice, she helps farmers, agri-businesses and food entrepreneurs with the following practice areas:

    • Animal Law (including livestock animal cruelty law, pet law, equine Law, & veterinary malpractice)
    • Business Formations & Planning (e.g., D/B/A’s, general partnerships, (Family) Limited Partnerships, (Family) Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations, buy-sell agreements)
    • Contract Law (e.g., livestock sales, livestock leases, embryo transfer contracts, non-disclosure agreements)
    • Commercial Law (e.g., insurance review)
    • Crop & Livestock Insurance Assistance
    • Employment & Labor Law (e.g., volunteer farm labor, “in kind” compensation, employee handbooks, Fair Labor Standards Act regulation, child labor laws)
    • Energy Law (e.g., wind energy leases, solar power purchase agreements)
    • Environmental Law (e.g., Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act)
    • Estate and Succession Planning (e.g., Last Will and Testaments, Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, Revocable Living Trusts, Pet Trusts)
    • Food Law (e.g., food labeling, dietary supplement regulation, Food Safety Modernization Act, National Organic Program, egg regulation, permits)
    • Grant Applications (e.g., state and federal grant applications)
    • International Law (e.g., international business transactions, international trade)
    • Land Use & Zoning (e.g., Agriculture Districts and Right-to-Farm law)
    • Local Food Law (e.g., direct farm marketing with farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture, on-farm poultry slaughter, home-based food processing)
    • Pre- and Post- Judgment Debt Collection (prosecution and defense)
    • Intellectual Property (including copyrights and trademarks)
    • Landlord-Tenant Law (e.g., commercial leases, farm leases)
    • Property Law (e.g., real estate closings, easements)
    • Technology Law (e.g., Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, Cyber Insurance)