Connecticut Farm Link Program

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Pursuant to Pub. Act No. 07-4, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture established a Farm Link program “to establish a database of farmers and agriculture land owners who intend to sell their farm operations or agricultural land.”  The database is maintained by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and is available online here. The goal of the program is to help keep …

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Connecticut State Budget Hurts Ag Programs

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On October 1st, agriculture programs in Connecticut experienced increases in registration fees and budget decreases for various agriculture programs.  Agriculture registration fees in particular significantly increased.  Fees under $150 doubled while fees between $150 and $1000 increased by 25%.  Previous fees over $1000 experienced a $250 increase. It is unfortunate in the current state of the economy that Connecticut implemented …

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Farmers’ Markets in the Tri-State Area

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Though I love all types of agriculture production and sales, I have always been a fan of farmers’ markets.  Perhaps its because I grew up helping my grandparents shuck fresh corn-on-the-cob, pick pumpkin blossoms, and sell cherry tomatoes to neighbors, but have always felt that farmers’ markets are a great way for the American consumer to reconnect with the amazing …

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