The 4-Step Divorce Mediation Process

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SONY DSCIt’s as easy as 1,2,3… 4!  Okay, okay, divorce mediation isn’t always so “easy” but this document that I created demonstrates the 4 step process.

  1. Initial Consultation – this is where an initial consultation agreement and confidentiality agreement is signed and the mediation process is discussed
  2. Mediation Period – this could take a bit depending on the complexity of the issues and the parties’ communication with one another.  This is the meat and potatoes of the divorce mediation process.
  3. Drafting the Stipulation of Settlement/ Separation Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding– in this stage, I will draft up the terms of the agreement either in a Stipulation of Settlement/Separation Agreement for court or a less formal Memorandum of Understanding
  4. File the Uncontested Divorce Packet– New York requires a big stack of divorce papers to be filed with the court in addition to the settlement agreement.

As in aside, here is my article on divorce mediation concerning livestock and companion animals

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