8 Things You Should Have in Your Living Will

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Worried couple looking at their bills on the sofaIf you have made a Living Will already, you have probably provided your wishes regarding artificial nutrition or hydration, CPR, and your views on organ donation.  However, there are many other specific types of treatment that may not be in your Living Will, but should be.  If you have not created a Living Will, or wish to revoke an old one and create a new one, Rincker Law, PLLC can prepare a comprehensive Living Will for you.  Here is my list for 8 additional treatments that should be in your Living Will:

1)     Antibiotics-Some people do not believe in antibiotics.

2)     Pain relief-If you have a recovering addict, you may not want certain types of medication.

3)      Anti-psychotic medication-Some can have severe side effects.

4)     Electric shock therapy-This requires general anesthesia and is used mostly for people that present an imminent threat to their own safety.

5)     Surgical Procedures-Some procedures require general anesthesia which you might not want.  Other procedures have other risks, such as infection.

6)     Dialysis-This is usually used for the rest of the person’s life to cleans their blood and basically do what kidneys do.

7)     Blood Transfusions-Some people do not believe in blood transfusions.

8)     Abortion-Many people have specific views regarding abortion and can use a Living Will to provide different instructions based on factors such as the baby’s gestational age; the chance of survival for the mother; the chance of survival for the baby, etc.

While, hopefully you have discussed your views on treatment with your health care agent (and have created a Health Care Proxy with Rincker Law, PLLC), a comprehensive Living Will with as much information as possible will make your Agent’s job easier as he or she will have less guess work involved in deciding what you would want for your health care.


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