A Champaign Prenup Attorney Explains Why You Should Consider Getting a Prenup Before Marriage

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The months before your wedding are exciting. There’s so much to plan and anticipate, and if you’re wise, you’ll plan for your future well beyond the wedding date.

One of the most critical things you can do to protect your future and that of your spouse is to consider a prenup before marriage. Schedule a consultation with a Champaign prenup attorney today to discuss how getting a prenuptial agreement can give you and your spouse peace of mind.

It may not be easy to bring up the subject of a prenup, but there are many good reasons for doing so. Such agreements are not only for wealthy people, though they can give important protection if one or both spouses are bringing significant assets to the marriage. Prenups also are a great idea if one of the spouses has a stake in a family business or other assets or if one of the spouses owns a business.

If you or your spouse already has a child, a prenup before marriage is just a good idea to ensure that your child will be taken care of no matter what with estate planning provisions. Is one of you bringing significant debts to the marriage? If so, a prenup can ensure that the existing debts of one partner do not become the burden of the other should you ever decide to part ways.

Do you and your partner own a business? A prenuptial agreement could justify it as nonmarital /separate property to help solve money disputes later.

Rather than thinking of talking about a prenup as a stressful and potentially divisive experience, consider it a means for helping each of you to define your roles in the marriage. This is the perfect opportunity for both of you to talk about your expectations of each other and the marriage.

As an example, discussing a prenuptial agreement is a great time to talk about whether or not a joint checking account will be established. If so, how much will go into the joint account? Will each spouse be able to set aside a portion of their income in a separate account? Who will be responsible for paying the bills, and which account will this money come from?

Entering into a prenup before marriage can be a valuable tool for establishing transparency and expectations before the wedding day. Because so much marital conflict tends to revolve around finances, this process may enable you to avoid some of these issues.

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