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ANCW National Beef Speakers Bureau

I am very proud to have been selected for the American National Cattlewomen (“ANCW”) National Beef Speakers Bureau (“NBSB”).  A group of 20 women met in Denver, Colorado last week before the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) Annual Convention and Trade Show for three days of training.  We spent one day honing our public speaking skills so that we may speak to consumers in our respected areas about the beef cattle industry.  Last Monday, we toured the JBS feedlot near Greeley, Colorado.  All the participants in the program were required to have graduated from the NCBA Masters of Beef Advocacy Program and completed their Beef Quality Assurance Certification.  Huge thanks to Barbara Jackson from Animal Health Express, Inc. and Bonnie West from ANCW for coordinating the event.

The other participants in the program include:  Malorie Bankhead (California), Kelly McGarva (Oregon), Mindy Patterson (Missouri), Faustine Curry (Texas), Jo Stanko (Colorado), Andy Hutchinson (Oklahoma), Calli Pritchard (South Dakota), Tev Brackin (Oklahoma), Doreen Gillespie (Montana), Signey Merkley (Nevada), Susie Magnuson (Colorado), Jeannie Kiehn (Washington), Jeanene Russo (Washington), Tammie McElroy (California), Jennifer Scharpe (Colorado), Suzane Menges (Arizona), and Bonnie Bargstedt (New York).

On that note, I am available to speak about the beef industry to consumer groups in the greater New York City area.  If you are interested in having me come speak to your group, please contact me directly at

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