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I joined the Skype universe last summer but I finally took a little time this morning to learn how to use it on my iMac and iPhone4 with a colleague of mine.  It is really quite amazing and I encourage you to give it a try.  There is tremendous potential for livestock owners and agri-businesses to have video conferences via Skype.  Furthermore, I have to make international phone calls from time-to-time in my law practice so I am excited to have more Skype international conversations at a lower cost.  I am still experimenting with the ability to have conference calls via Skype.  I hope to have an Ag Book Club discussion again this spring.

My Skype username is Cari.Rincker and my Skype phone number is +1 646/257.2105.  If I am not at my computer when you Skype me then your call will forward to my cellular phone.  I am looking forward to having more video conferences with colleagues, clients, and readers.

You can also video chat me on iChat via MobileMe (cari.rincker@me.com), AOL Instant Messenger (“AIM”) (CariBrett), Google Chat (“GChat”) (cari.rincker@gmail.com), and Facebook Chat (cari.rincker).

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