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Beef Cattle Blogs To Follow

As I mentioned in this previous blog, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (“NCBA”) Young Producers’ Council (“YPC”) start a new blog “Cattle Call” that can be found here.  There has been a lot of hype and chatter about the new blog– I’m very excited to read the viewpoints on these young leaders in the beef industry.

There has been an increase of negative press over the last few years on modern livestock production.  Blogs and other types of social media can serve as a powerful way for farmers and ranchers to get their stories across to the American public.  As noted in this blog, from time-to-time I will be highlighting some blogs written by farmers and ranchers in different segments of the industry.  Below are some beef cattle blogs that I recommend following:

Advocates for Agriculture-Though this blog is not specifically directed towards beef producers, Troy and Stacy Hadrick are beef producers in South Dakota and their love for the industry cannot help but come through.  I had the opportunity to meet Troy and Stacy in person last July at the NCBA Masters of Beef Advocacy Commencement Ceremony in Denver and I was extremely impressed.  Troy and Stacy are knowledgeable, dynamic speakers.  They were quite inspiring how each of us can be an advocate for agriculture within our own community.  The blog itself is quite phenomenal and extremely informative.  You can also follow Troy on twitter here.

Beefbites Weblog -This blog is written by YPC’s very own blogger, Chelsea Good, who is a Kansas cattle girl and currently in law school at Washburn University.  (You can read Chelsea’s blogs on “Cattle Call” here).   She has a young fresh viewpoint on issues affecting the cattle industry.  I can certainly relate to her love for the cattle industry and desire to be an agriculture attorney.

BEEF Daily Blog-If you haven’t been reading blogs by Amanda Nolz, then you are truly missing out.  The BEEF Daily Blog is published by BEEF Magazine.  Amanda is one sharp South Dakota cattle girl and knows her beef industry.  The blogs on the whole gamut of issues affecting beef production including ag policy issues.  You can also follow BeefMag on twitter here and Amanda on twitter here.

Beef Myths– Here is a great blog dubunking the arguments against modern beef production.  This blog gives some beef industry and beef recall facts that we should all know.

Brahman Blog-I recently become aware of this blog authored by Rachel Williams from V8 Ranch.  I think it’s great that beef breed associations are getting out in the blogosphere.  This blog is a great way to stay abreast of Brahman news, events and breeders. – This is a great information for the beef industry and includes listing of market reports and cattle for sale.  As the name suggests, the blog covers a wide variety of cattle issues.

Chewing the Cud– This is another beef blog written by Amanda Nolz that focuses more on beef recipes, beef in a healthy diet, and life in the cattle industry.

Cowbuyer’s View From the Sale Ring– This blog highlights the viewpoints from a cowbuyer.  I think this blog demonstrates a different perspective on the beef industry that many of us forget about.  I would love to read a blog from an auctioneer as well.  (Know one? If so, email me).

Common Sense Agriculture– I actually met Jeff Fowle through twitter and started following this blog a few months ago.  Jeff’s blog does a great job delving into the policy issues affecting agriculture and putting a common sense spin on what should be done.  Jeff is a great advocate of agriculture and a California cattle rancher.  You can follow him here on twitter as well.

Crystal Cattle– Crystal Young is another one of YPC’s featured bloggers.  She also has a very successful beef blog of her own (you can also read her Cattle Call blogs here).   This blog really illuminates Crystal’s creative approach and talent.  I am very impressed by Crystal sense of style and passion for the cattle industry.

Kids Cattle Blog– This is a blog showcasing life on an Illinois cattle farm, from the kids’ perspective.  This proves that there is no minimum age to be an advocate for the beef industry on social media.  Reading this blog reminds me a lot of my childhood growing on up a cow-calf operation in Central Illinois.  You can also follow “the mom” on twitter here.

Life on a Cattle Ranch-I also met Debbie Lyons-Blythe through twitter and have been following this blog for the last few months.  Debbie uses her journalistic talent to help document her life running a beef operation in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  This blogs gives a great peak into her “life on a cattle ranch” with her family.  Her daughter Meghan may be guest blogging every now again on YPC Cattle Call so watch out for her future blogs!  You can also follow Debbie on twitter here.

Montana Stockgrowers– Like the Brahman Association, it’s exciting that some of NCBA’s State Affiliates are also entering the blogosphere.  The Montana Stockgrowers have started a great new blog to keep the Montana cowboys and cowgirls informed on industry news and events in the state.

National Beef Ambassador– This website focuses on beef recipes, beef nutrition and beef advocacy.  I have a confession:  I actually own this cookbook highlighted on this blog but I have not really opened it up yet to try a few of the recipes for myself.  I’m not really the best cook (but I sure do love my beef!) — all the more reason why I will be paying extra attention to this blog over the next few months!

Purdue Beef Blog-This blog is managed by Purdue University’s Department of Animal Science.  This blog concentrates more on beef production instead of ag policy.  The blog gives advice on beef nutrition, stress management, show cattle fitting techniques, artificial insemination or animal handling techniques.

Thoughts from the Middle of Nowhere -I really love the the title of this blog.  Now that I live in New York City, I sometimes daydream of vacations in the middle of nowhere with lots of pretty black SimAngus cows and rolling green pastures… but for now, I make sure I follow this blog written by a Montana cattle producer.

So how does a person remember to visit all these blogs each day? Simple- you don’t.  Add them all to your google reader and when you have a few moments in a day, week, or month, login and see what is new.  While you’re at it, you can add this agriculture law and policy blog to your google reader here.

This list is by no means all inclusive.  I am sure I left out many great blogs but these are a handful that I recommend.  If you are a cattle producer and have a blog, I would love to add it to my next segment on beef blogs.  Please email me at

Next round of blogs featured will be swine producer blogs.  Please email me if you recommend a blog for my pig blogroll.

"This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is recommended that you speak to an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction before relying on the information in this blog."

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