Celebrating One Year of Blogging About Food and Agriculture Law

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I want to give a big thank you to all of my readers out there.  I have had a great time blogging over the last year about food and agriculture law issues on this blog.  I am excited to implement video blogs and guest blogs in the next year.

In case you missed them, here were some of my favorite blogs within the last year:

1.  Everything you wanted to know about the Freedom of Information Act and the New York Freedom of Information Law.

2.  Still a strong supporter of NCBA’s Masters of Beef Advocacy Program.  Have you completed it?

3.  So what exactly is “agriculture law?”

4.  Some issues to think about with your farm lease.

5.  Here is a nice overview of New York’s livestock animal cruelty law.  And don’t forget to come up with  a plan before a peace officer comes knocking on your barn door.

6.  I still have to get through a lot of these books!

7.  A handshake just isn’t enough.  Get your partnership agreements in writing.

8.  Have you become an activist for the agriculture industry?  Get active and fight back.

9.  My dad is retiring this year.  I am very thankful for everything he has done for the agriculture community and feel blessed to have had him as my role model.

10.  August Checkup- How have you done on your New Year’s Resolutions?  What about making sure you have a health proxy and a living will?

11.  I urge you to take a Two-Month Twitter Challenge.

12.  As we are in the middle of State Fair season, remember what is really important.

Would love to hear comments from my readers about topics you would be interested in reading about during the next year.  Thank you for reading and making this first year of blogging a great one!  If you haven’t done so already, you can also find Rincker Law, PLLC on Facebook.

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