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Common Equine Contracts: What They Are, Pitfalls to Avoid, and Ideas for Effective Drafting

iStock_000017162316XSmall (2013_09_22 13_37_42 UTC)I will be moderating this upcoming CLE for the American Bar Association (“ABA”) General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division’s Agriculture Law Committee on December 9th on Common Equine Contracts. I’m super excited to have equine law attorneys Julie Fershtman, Thomas Nicholl, and Avery Chapman on board to present on this very useful topic.

We will be discussing the following issues:

  • Special Considerations for Equine Contracts (including an overview of the Equine Activity Liability Acts, insurance, equine sales and disclosure laws, tax considerations);
  • Purchase and Sales Contracts (including trial periods, installments sales, consignments, commissions, rights of first refusal);
  • Equine Leases (including mare lease and foal transfer);
  • Boarding and Training Contracts (including Agister’s lien laws);
  • Breeding Contracts (including artificial insemination, frozen/cooled semen, live cover, embryo transfer); and,
  • Liability Waivers/ Releases (including Equine Activity Liability Act implications, indemnification clauses).

The webinar is 90 minutes and only $95.00 if you are a member of the ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division or the American Agriculture Law Association.  Register here.  Nonlawyers and law students can request a discounted rate here.

"This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is recommended that you speak to an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction before relying on the information in this blog."

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