Discussion on “Eating Animals” Will Be on Google Wave

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I previously noted that the book discussion on Eating Animals will be on Skype on April 28th; however, Skype does not have video conference cababilities for several people (only audio).  Therefore, I will continue to host the book discussion on Google Wave.  I have recently joined the Skype world – my username is Cari.Rincker.  I look forward to experimenting with Skype for video conferences.

The discussion on Food Inc. this past month went much smoother than the book discussion on Omnivore’s Dilemma.  Google has worked out some of the initial kinks and it seems to be much faster.  Similar to the recent discussion with Food Inc., there will be a real-time conversation time on April 28th from 8-10pm ET and then the conversation will continue after that evening for the next week.  That’s an advantage to using Google Wave- you can come and go from the conversation as you have time.

If you are interested in participating in the discussion it is very important that you let me know at least a week ahead of time.  Google takes several days (sometimes over a week) to send the invite — it is not instantaneous and unfortunately I have no control over the speed of Google.  If you need an invite to Google Wave, please email me at cari@rinckerlaw.com.  If you are already on the Wave, please email me at cari.rincker@googlewave.com and ask to enter the “Eating Animals” Wave. 

I won’t be posting my specific views of the book on this blog but I will say that I have found this to be a very tough read.  I sharply disagree with Foer on several points.  Hope to hear your viewpoints of the book on Google Wave.

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