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Last week, I opened an account with JD Supra, a online resource allowing attorneys to post articles, court pleadings, and e-books for the general public.  You can find my profile here where you can see either a Word or Portable Document Format (“PDF”) version of a few articles that I have written.  I also uploaded the Food and Agriculture Organization (“FAO”) book that I was a contributing author for.  Lawyers are even capable of bringing their JD Supra documents into their facebook mini-feed for yet another overlap between social media and the legal profession.

JD Supra is quickly turning into a great resource for entire public, including attorneys.  I have recently found several helpful e-books and legal articles on subjects that I was researching.  On the search page, farmers and ranchers can run searches for pleadings in their jurisdiction and/or legal articles.  Sophisticated searches can be performed under various subject matters including “agriculture” and “administrative law.”  For example, the law firm of Dickinson Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen, P.C. wrote a great article explaining carbon trading and last month Robert Uram posted his Law360 article, “An Update on Wind, Solar Energy on Public Lands.”

The legal document can then be shared with practically any type of social media including, but not limited to, Twitter, Blogger, AIM, LinkedIn, Delicious, and Facebook.  JD Supra has great potential to be a valuable research tool for livestock producers, crop farmers and agriculture businesses and organizations as more attorneys and law firms post their documents.

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