How to Prepare for Your Virtual Zoom Mediation in Champaign County

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The COVID pandemic has forever changed how we do business in the legal industry. Virtual mediations are now becoming the norm and will probably be used for the long run. Learn how to prepare for your virtual Zoom mediation.

Prepare in Advance

When you are trying a new platform for the first time or are having to find new ways to conduct business, it is important to prepare in advance. There are many different moving parts and components involved in an online Zoom mediation. Try to determine who else will be present at your virtual mediation and how many other participants there will be. This will help you mentally prepare to answer potential questions.

In a live mediation, there may be a “joint session” at the very beginning of the mediation that will give each party the opportunity to present their case and any evidence as needed. This benefits both the mediator and both parties as it provides more clarity pertaining to the legal matter at hand.

What Are Some Security Concerns Regarding Zoom Mediation?

The question of Zoom rooms being truly private comes up both by clients and legal counsel. Zoom has some security settings on the backend that can be enabled or disabled. It is possible to activate “enable waiting room” which only allows the host to let participants enter the room when they are ready to do so. There is also a “lock meeting” feature that us used to monitor the participants. Zoom also has a “break-out” room feature with paid plans. People have expressed their concerns that “break-out” rooms may not be truly private. If your conversation is of a highly sensitive nature, it may be best to have that conversation over the phone with your attorney.

Request More Information on the Flow and Format of the Virtual Zoom Mediation

It is best to ask your attorney what the format of the mediation will be and around how many hours will it take, will there be any breaks and if so, when will they be. Another way to be prepared is to ask your attorney if they are missing any documents from you prior to the hearing; this will eliminate any problems on the day of the virtual hearing.

Also, keep in mind that virtual mediations may not always go according to schedule or plan. There can be unexpected delays that may cause the hearing to go for longer than expected. If you have a prior commitment or perhaps you have to pick up the children from the babysitter, it is advisable to make that clear prior to the mediation starting.

Need More Information on Preparing for Your Virtual Mediation in Champaign County?

Whether you need assistance with family law matters or assistance on preparing for your virtual mediation, contact the Rincker Law, PLLC today at (217) 531-2179.

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