Illinois Animal Law: Were You Served Notice of a Dangerous or Vicious Animal Hearing in Urbana?

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Did you receive notice of a dangerous dog or vicious dog hearing under the Urbana Code?  Pursuant to Section 4-27, if you allegedly have a dangerous or vicious dog in Urbana, then you should be given your due process and and an opportunity to be heard; thus, the City must provide you notice of a hearing at least 5 to 15 business days prior to the hearing.

Please note that under subsection (g), that if your dog is found to be “vicious” then the City can order that the dog by euthanized.  Additionally, if you lose, you may be liable for costs of the hearing.

Due to this, if you were served notice for a dangerous dog or vicious dog hearing in Urbana, you should contact an animal lawyer immediately in hopes of negotiating a settlement and/or properly preparing your defense.

Many of us at Rincker Law, PLLC are pet owners ourselves. We love animals and want to protect them and the people who love them. We are ready to help people with animal law disputes. Cari is also a trained mediator and can mediate animal law disputes as well. We have handed dangerous dog and vicious dog disputes. I hpe you will consider setting up a consultation with us to discuss your animal law matter.

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