Introducing The Billable Mom: Calming the Chaos and Finding Balance

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The Billable Mom with Cari Rincker, Episode 1

Welcome to The Billable Mom with Attorney and Mother Cari Rincker. In each episode of The Billable Mom, Cari will speak with other billable moms about working motherhood and the struggles to juggle it all. Our time is precious, both at work and at home. Cari and her guests will explore time management tips and productivity hacks. This is a community of billable moms, trying to calm the chaos six minutes at a time.

Tune in to this inaugural episode of The Billable Mom to hear Cari introduce the show and discuss:

  • Cari’s inspiration for creating The Billable Mom
  • Cari’s professional journey
  • The Challenges of Single Motherhood and the pushback she encountered back to work postpartum
  • Balancing motherhood and career
  • How motherhood has affected Cari as a business owner
  • The myth of “doing it all”

Read the Elle article Cari is featured in about her and other professionals’ experience with Fertility: Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Choosing a Sperm Donor:


The Billable Mom:

Welcome to the Billable Mom podcast, led by attorney Cari Rincker, where we discuss working motherhood, especially geared to professional mothers who are trying to juggle their time. Our time is precious, both at work and at home. We talk about time management, productivity hacks, and the struggles of being a working parent. We’re providing a community where other billable moms are also trying to calm the chaos six minutes at a time. Listen to stories of other working moms, but especially lawyer moms. Navigate the waters balancing career and the ever-present demands of motherhood.

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