Investigations By Non-Police Officers for Animal Abuse: Has Your Livestock Operation Developed a Plan?

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Over the last six months, I have been blogging a lot about livestock animal welfare issues.  Last month, I wrote this blog that contained a checklist for New York livestock producers when they are confronted by a peace officer that wants to investigate their property for animal abuse.  Today I posted this article on JD Supra that describes in more detail what New York livestock owners should and should not do when a non-police officer comes to investigate for livestock animal abuse.  In this article, I stressed how important it is for farm families to sit down and discuss “a plan” before they are confronted with a search by either a police or non-police officer and memorialize this plan in an employee handbook.  Livestock operations should talk to farm employees and family members involved in the operation on an annual basis. 

Notably, this article is New York specific; however, the livestock producers all over the country should seek legal counsel on this issue specific to the livestock animal laws in their state.  Several states, like New York, allow duly incorporated animal societies to obtain warrants to search and seize livestock.  It is important for livestock producers to understand livestock animal welfare laws in their state and develop a “plan” according to these laws with their local attorney.

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