Book Review: “Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?”

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As a woman, matrimonial lawyer, and entrepreneur, the issue of financial empowerment for females is important to me.  I recently met Susan L. Hirshman, a financial adviser with Morgan Stanley and author of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?”  As I have blogged about before, I believe financial transparency is important for a couple getting married or already married.  I also believe it’s important for a women to be knowledgeable about the family finances.  I know for me, as a single woman, I’m looking for someone to be my financial partner in life.  Women need to educate themselves on these issues and become part of the conversation – married or single.

Susan’s book does a nice job breaking down “financial speak” to the language we all know about – food and dieting.  As a divorce lawyer, I especially liked how Susan talked about the Big “D” (and I don’t mean Dallas”) as one of the disasters that everyone should prepare for.  She suggested that couples consider a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement — she correctly pointed out the need for each side to be represented by separate counsel.

It’s a nice, quick read.  I ordered the hard copy from

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