Mediating the Divorce Involving Livestock and Pets

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I recently co-authored an article on divorce mediation with companion and farm animals along with Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton that was published in the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation‘s quarterly publication.  You can find the history of The Report online here.   I posted the article on my JD Supra page.

I am a trained divorce mediator and am available for divorce mediation in person or via Skype.  I may travel to you for divorce mediation upon request.  Divorce mediation includes a series of divorce mediation sessions– typically 2 to 5 mediation sessions– lasting around 2 hours.  I charge my typical hourly rate for divorce mediation, which is oftentimes divided between the parties 50-50.  Even if you have already entered the court litigation process for your divorce, you can still attempt mediation.  If you are you going through a divorce (whether it involves animals or not), I highly suggest looking into mediation as a way to avoid expensive litigation.

Litigation hurts families – if you have children, I strongly encourage you to consider mediation.  “You can love your kids or hate your spouse but you can’t do both.” – Natalie Greg

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