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Mediation Roster for Sixth Circuit in Illinois

I’m happy to announce that I was selected to be in the roster of family law mediators for the Sixth Circuit in Illinois.  Specifically, I will be mediating custody and visitation issues (i.e., the allocation of parental responsibilities).  The Sixth Circuit includes the following 7 Counties:  Macon County, Piatt County, Champaign County, Dewitt County, Douglas County and Moultrie County.

I’m trained as a mediator for both divorce and child custody and parenting time disputes.  I’m really passionate about mediation.  I believe when parents go to war with each other in court, it is difficult for them to co-parent with one another afterwards.  Mediation protects the family.  Although mediation is not appropriate in all cases, I believe that most family law disputes can be resolved through mediation.  I’m excited to be apart of the mediation community here in Central Illinois working for families.

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