Mediator for the New York State Agriculture Mediation Program (NYSAMP)

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Since completing the mediation apprenticeship program with the New York Peace Institute, my Community Dispute Resolution Center (“CDRC”) in Manhattan and Brooklyn, I have been admitted to the roster of mediators for the New York State Agriculture Mediation Program (“NYSAMP”).  NYSAMP works with the CDRC’s in each country throughout New York to provide free mediation services for the New York agriculture industry.  I’m on a similar mediation roster in New Jersey.

NYSAMP is funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) and the NYS Unified Court System’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  It is managed by the NYS Dispute Resolution Association (“NYSDRA”).  NYSAMP can help farmers mediate disputes with the USDA with various farm programs including RMA/FCIC crop insurance or livestock insurance, Farm Service Agency (“FSA”) loan programs and servicing, Rural Development (“RD”) loan programs and servicing, wetland determinations, conservation programs, neighbor complaints, nuisance suits/ Right-to-Farm, and farm landlord-tenant disputes.

I also recommend mediation for farm divorces, child custody and visitation arrangements concerning farm children, farm prenuptial agreements, succession/estate planning, or family business conflicts.  I also have a private mediation practice.

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