NCBA Young Producers’ Council Elects 2011 Leadership Board

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2011 YPC Leadership Board

I’m still blogging from Denver, Colorado at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) Convention and Trade Show.  Yesterday, the Young Producers’ Council (“YPC”) had its business meeting and educational program.  I have been tweeting a lot from the Convention with the #NCBA11 hashtag.  You can also view a summary of all the #NCBA11 tweets on my Facebook page.

The newly elected YPC Leadership Board is as follows:

1.  Chair — Ben Neale, Tennessee;

2.  Vice-Chair — Holly Foster, California;

3.   Secretary/Treasurer — myself;

4.  Agriculture Policy Committee — Evan Tate, Kentucky;

5.  Live Cattle Marketing Committee — Travis Hoffman, Colorado;

6.  Membership Committee — Rae Marie Gordon, Colorado;

7.  Property Rights & Environmental Management Committee– Lance Zimmerman, Kansas;

8.  Cattle Health & Well Being Committee — J.W. Wood, Hawaii;

9.  Federal Lands Committee — Sarah Baker, Idaho;

10. Tax & Credit Committee — Phillip Weltmer, Kansas;

11. Resolutions Committee — Tonya Amen, Georgia; and

12.  Immediate Past Chair — Ben Spitzer, Texas.

If you are at NCBA Convention, I will be attending the Agriculture Policy Committee meeting this afternoon.  You might also find me at the trade show trying on a pair of Stetson boots that I have been drooling over.

In case you missed it, I was interviewed on today’s Loos Tales discussing briefly how to be an advocate for agriculture with urban consumers.

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