New York State Agriculture Mediation Program

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Lawsuits are not the only way to solve legal disputes.  I recommend that folks in the agriculture industry first consider alternative forms of dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.  The New York State Agricultural Mediation Program (“NYSAMP”) gives folks a cheaper alternative to litigation.  NYSAMP offers mediations throughout the state at the Community Dispute Resolution Center (“CDRC”) at either a free or a very low cost.

So what is mediation?

The parties to the dispute sit down with a trained mediator to help create a solution.  The objective mediator is present to help guide the parties through the settlement process.  The parties ultimately decide whether a settlement is reached.  Mediation can vary in length of time — from a few hours to a few weeks.

The New York State Agricultural Mediation Program handles a myriad of ag issues (e.g., matrimonial, landlord/tenant, contracts, nuisance, farm labor, loans/debts).  And it works. According to Charlottee Carter, the Statewide Program Director, “over 85 percent of NYSAMP mediations result in agreements.”

For more information call 866/669.7267 or visit the website a  You can also contact your local NYSAMP affiliate.

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