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There are a statutory provisions in the New York Agric. & Mtks Act specific to horse breeders. Under Section 359-a(1), every vehicle utilized for the transportation of more than six horses shall meet the following requirements:

  • The interiors of compartments containing horses shall be constructed of smooth materials, containing no sharp objects or protrusions which are hazardous;

  • The floors shall be of such construction or covered with abrasive material so as to prevent horses from skidding or sliding;

  • There shall be sufficient apertures to insure adequate ventilation;

  • There shall be sufficient insulation or covering to maintain an adequate temperature in the compartment containing horses;

  • Partitions of sturdy construction shall be placed a maximum of ten feet apart in vehicles which do not have stalls;

  • Doorways shall be of sufficient height to allow safe ingress and egress of each horse contained in the compartment;

  • Each compartment containing horses shall allow for sufficient clearance above the poll and withers of each horse in the compartment;

  • Ramps sufficient for loading and unloading horses shall be provided if the vertical distance from the floor of the compartment containing horses to the ground is greater than fifteen inches; and

  • There shall be at least two doorways for ingress and egress which shall not be on the same side.

Additionally, if you are transporting more than six horses on a highway then the horse trailer cannot have more than one tier.

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