Overview of the USDA Agriculture Research Service

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I’m currently conducting a blog series where each week I give an overview of the responsibilities of a government agency regulating our food and agriculture system.  I think it’s a helpful reminder for everyone on just how complex our regulatory system really is.  It’s a game of Who’s Who for government players in the U.S. food and agriculture economy.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) Agriculture Research Service (“ARS”) reports to the Under Secretary of Research, Education and Economics. This is the USDA’s primary research agency in the areas of (1) Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality, (2) Animal Production and Protection, (3) Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems, and (4) Crop Production and Protection.  ARS is currently involved in over 800 research projects, some of which are conducted at Cornell University – New York’s land grant university for agriculture research and education.  ARS also conducts international research programs on food security, biosecurity and international partnerships.

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