Part IV: Debrief from NYFB Farm Animal Welfare Conference

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The keynote speaker for the New York Farm Bureau farm animal welfare conference was David Martosko, the Director of Research for the Center for Consumer Freedom.  I was extremely impressed by Martosko – he is a dynamic speaker who is understands the misrepresentations that animal groups make to the public.  In particularly, Martosko criticized the Humane Society of the United States (“HSUS”) and highlighted that the group’s true agenda is to convert our society into vegetarians.

He highlighted the fact that HSUS falsely advertises that it is associated with local animal shelters when in reality very few monies actually go to local shelters.  ABC out of Atlanta did a news clip on this reality and HSUS used its celebrity support as leverage to force ABC to take the clip off its website.  The video has been stripped off the web but still available on an Iranian website.  I encourage everyone to watch the video found here.

Martosko also discussed other animal extremist groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (“PETA”).  You can watch more of Martosko’s views on the topic here.

I am actually a huge supporter of animal shelters and animal adoptions.  I adopted my cat, Felicity, from a local animal shelter in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and it breaks my heart to know that so many companion animals are without a loving home.  But it is important to understand that monies sent to HSUS do not go to support these local animal shelters; instead, donations should be given directly to your local humane society.

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  1. I find it funny and disturbing that just because HSUS doesnt like the fact they were exposed they have the power to get a news peice striped off a website. When everyday there is faulse information printed about agriculture but that information doesn’t get removed. I think something is wrong with that.

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