Ruth Woolery on Juggling Your Career, Family, and Dreams

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The Billable Mom with Cari Rincker, Episode 6

In this episode of The Billable Mom, Cari speaks with Ruth Woolery, an accomplished attorney who successfully pursued her legal career while raising four children. Ruth, who transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom and part-time paralegal, emphasizes the importance of knowing what you want and standing firm in your decisions. She shares valuable insights on finding a routine that works for you, involving children in household chores, and setting priorities when balancing career, family, and personal pursuits.

Tune in to the episode to learn from Cari and Ruth Woolery. Here are this episode’s key takeaways

  • Path to Law School: Despite having four children, Ruth Woolery pursued her dream of becoming an attorney, transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom and part-time paralegal.
  • Navigating Childcare and Motherhood: Emphasizing the importance of clarity in decision-making, Ruth advocates standing firm in choices related to career, family, and personal time.
  • Transitioning to Working in a Law Firm: Ruth underscores the value of establishing a personalized routine and maintaining flexibility in time management, crucial for balancing work, childcare, and personal commitments.
  • Finding A Balance: Involving children in household chores early on and implementing a flexible task schedule fosters a sense of order and shared responsibility within the family dynamic.
  • Experience in Public Office Candidacy: Ruth’s experience as a candidate for public office while managing her career and family responsibilities highlights the importance of setting clear priorities and involving family members in decision-making processes.

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