“Shared Challenges, United Goals”

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I will be presenting tomorrow evening during the New York Agri-Women Annual Meeting on the “Shared Challenges” and “United Goals” of women involved in the New York agriculture industry.  I am oftentimes reminded on how divided the agriculture industry can be.  It’s not Big Ag vs. Small Ag.  Local Ag vs. Conventional Ag.  Organic Food vs. Food Inc.  We are one agriculture industry with the common goal of feeding a growing world population.

Women involved in the agriculture industry –whether it is in Brooklyn, Long Island, Upstate New York, Arkansas or Japan–share many of the same challenges and goals.  My hope for New York Agri-Women in years to come will be that the membership will focus on those shared challenged and goals instead of our differences.

Please plan on attending the reception on Friday evening and the conference on Saturday.  We have a great crew of speakers lined up ready to present on a myriad of subject areas.

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