Animal Law: Federal and Illinois State Treatment of Emotional Support Pets

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Pets are a large part of people’s lives, and many depend on them for emotional support. Thus, the issue of whether emotional support pets or service animals can accompany its owner to public places becomes an issue. This post will discuss some common questions that come up when evaluating whether a pet can accompany its owner in a public place. …

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Illinois Animal Law: Replevin of Pets

Rincker Law Animal Law 3 Comments

Replevin is proper action to be brought by an owner seeking return of his or her pet when the pet “ha[s] been wrongfully distained, or otherwise wrongfully taken or … wrongfully detained”. See 735 ILCS 5/19-101. In a replevin action, “the court shall issue an order of replevin if plaintiff establishes a prima facie case to a superior right of …

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