Ask Cari: If a Parent Receives Money as a “Gift”, Does it Count as Income for Child Support Purposes?

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Dear Cari,  My parents give me money each month as I’m still a college student.  Will this count as my “income” for child support purposes?  I live in Urbana, Illinois.  Thanks,  Todd  Dear Todd, Yes, the courts have the ability to consider that income. Consider these cases: In Re Marriage of Rogers, 213 Ill 2nd 129 (2004), which set forth …

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Retroactive Child Support in Illinois

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You might wonder if child support can be awarded retroactively. In short, it can. In deciding whether to order retroactive child support or not, the court considers the following factors: A determination of the factors specified in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act; The noncustodial parent’s prior knowledge of the fact and circumstances regarding the child’s birth; The …

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