Virtual Mediation During COVID-19 Pandemic

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I have noted for years my ability to conduct meditations “virtually” via GoToMeeting or Skype.  I’ve been speaking to clients via GoToMeeting but I can also conduct meditations using this technology.  Of course, it is more productive to meet in person but a lot can still be accomplished by having these conversations “virtually.” For family law matters, I mediate both …

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What Happens During the Consultation with a Mediator?

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  Initial Contact.  Typically, one person calls the mediator at first and requests a telephonic or in-person consultation.  If the initial consultation is given to only one party, then in efforts to stay neutral, private time with the mediator is also offered to the other person. Some mediators choose to charge for the initial consultation. Confidentiality Agreement.  During this stage, …

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What are the Core Values of Mediation?

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So what’s this mediation thing all about?  Well, here are a few of its core values — i.e., what we mediators hold near and dear to our meditation hearts. Self-Determination – The basic tenant of mediation is that both parties have the autonomy and feel empowered to make the decisions instead of giving up that power to a neutral third …

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