Illinois Family Law: Termination of Spousal Support with Cohabitation

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In Illinois, spousal maintenance obligations ends either: (1) automatically based on a date specified in the court order; (2) automatically upon remarriage; (3) when the recipient spouse begins cohabitating with a significant other, which requires the payor-spouse to ask the court; (4) automatically upon death unless a life insurance policy is to be paid to the recipient ex-spouse when the …

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Fighting Over Fido Post Break-Up in New York

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When deciding to pursue a legal battle to regain possession of a dog one claims is theirs alone, the person should be prepared to show proof as to why there is a superior right to possession over the other person, and why that person’s possession of the dog is the best for all concerned. New York courts have consistently held …

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An Annulment in New York Based on Fraud

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You can obtain an annulment based on one of the five reasons set forth in New York Domestic Relations Law (“DRL”) Section 140.  This post will focus on an annulment based on fraud-DRL 140(e). Pursuant to this statute: An action to annul a marriage on the ground that the consent of one of the parties thereto was obtained by force …

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