What is Mediation? What is it Not?

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When I talk to folks about what mediation is, sometimes is easiest to explain what it is NOT first.  I’m going to compare mediation to other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Litigation – Although mediation can be used in disputes between parties who are involved in litigation, the mediator is not acting like a judge, making a decision. Unlike trial, …

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NY Family Law: Child Care Costs and Child Support

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Parents have an obligation to support their children. In addition to basic child support, which is determined by a formula in accordance with the Child Support Standards Act, “add-ons” are other obligated expenses provided for in New York’s Domestic Relations Law, including unreimbursed health care (DRL 240 1-b(c)(5)(v)), child care (DRL 240 1-b(c)(4)) and educational expenses (DRL 240 1-b(c)(7)). Child …

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A Few of the Many Reasons Why I Support Divorce Mediation

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I’m a divorce lawyer and mediator.  As a lawyer, I handle both contested and uncontested divorce.  A “contested” divorce just means that 1 or both parties seek court intervention.  An “uncontested” divorce means that the parties were able to reach a settlement agreement without seeking court intervention.  In either context, couples can decide to use a mediator.  Here are a …

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