Family Law Issues in Agriculture: Prenuptial Agreements

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Prenuptial agreements are oftentimes viewed as taboo; instead, farmers, ranchers, agribusiness owners, and food entrepreneurs should view prenuptial agreements like an insurance policy for a marriage. Nobody gets on an airplane thinking that it is going to crash, but you still go over the safety instructions. A prenuptial agreement simply notes the safety instructions in case the marriage terminates for …

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My Presentation on New York Matrimonial Law

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I really enjoyed presenting at Fordham Law School last weekend alongside the great (and brilliant) Veronica Escobar, Esq.  My presentation, embedded below, discusses the jurisdictional differences between Supreme Court and Family Court, the procedures for starting a divorce, the uncontested v. contested divorce path, Notice of Automatic Orders, types of matrimonial agreements, prenuptial agreements, grounds for an annulment vs. grounds …

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Primer in New York Matrimonial Law

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I will be giving a primer in New York matrimonial law along with (the fabulous) Veronica Escobar, Esq. next Saturday, January 24, 2015 at Fordham University, School of Law during the “Bridge the Gap” Continuing Legal Education seminar designed for newly-admitted attorneys.  We will be discussing the following issues: Divorce Paths Jurisdictional differences between Family Court and Supreme Court Alternative …

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