Estate Planning is More Than Just Getting a Last Will and Testament

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Many people think that “estate planning” is really just hiring a lawyer or downloading a program off the internet (which I do not suggest) to draft a Last Will and Testament.  However, it’s more complicated than that.  A good estate planning attorney will have you complete a questionnaire giving him/her information on your family tree, assets and liabilities in order …

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Estate Planning Isn’t Just For the Elderly

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Let’s face it.  Estate planning is easy to push off.  What’s another week… another month… another year… another five years… After all, I’m healthy.  My spouse is healthy.  We don’t have kids.  We don’t have a lot of assets.  I don’t care if what-little-I-do-have follows the rules of intestacy (i.e., the “default rules” if you die without a Last Will …

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