The Impact of COVID-19 on Parenting Plans in Champaign County

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When parents get divorced, child custody is one of the most contentious issues. Parenting plans may be established only after many hours of negotiation and several painful compromises.

Still, these parenting plans can be quite successful, until something unprecedented occurs.

This is the situation that divorced parents across Champaign County are dealing with this year. With cases of COVID-19 on the rise, is your parenting plan being impacted?

Parents across Champaign County have been required to continue with their agreed-upon parenting plan. This means going through with all scheduled visitations, with the children perhaps sharing equal time in two households.

In these extraordinary times, it’s necessary for parents to work together to determine what’s best for their children.

For instance, if the children are being educated remotely, does it make sense for them to be in one household over the other? This may be the case if one home has a strong Wi-Fi connection and the other doesn’t.

Another consideration is how much contact each parent has with the public. Does one parent have frequent contact with the public? If so, are they regularly being exposed to the coronavirus?

Parents also may want to consider whether one of them is in a high-risk group for contracting the virus. If so, it may be wise to temporarily modify the parenting plan.

Of course, if one of the parents has been exposed to COVID-19, is exhibiting symptoms of the virus, or has received a positive test result, then it likely is in the best interests of the children that visits be temporarily suspended.

Accordingly, parenting plans in Champaign County may need to be temporarily modified in order to protect children. Many parenting plans already contain language that makes it possible to temporarily modify the schedule in the event that a parent becomes ill or is otherwise unable to provide care. It generally is possible to activate this component of the parenting plan without going to court.

However, if your parenting plan does not contain such language or if you are unsure about it, then it may be wise to contact an attorney. Similarly, if you suspect that your ex-spouse isn’t taking health precautions seriously, then it may be time to consult a lawyer about the parenting plan.

If you would like to learn more about how parenting plans in Champaign County are being impacted by COVID-19, contact Rincker Law at (217) 531-2179.

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